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Ghouri Security Guards (Pvt) Limited is an owner managed and operated, duly registered security company with the Government of Pakistan, operating all across the country since 1999. We are ISO 9001:2015, certified, and are also member of the ASIS, OSAC, UNDSS, Humanitarian Security Forum, US Aid Security Forum and the Pakistan Security Managers Forum along with APSAA (All Pakistan Security Agencies Association) and PESS (Pakistan Ex Servicemen Society) Ghouri Security has recently undergone thorough assessment by an independent body (Achilles – Supplier Information and Supply Chain Management) for our policies and procedures in place for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) & Sustainable Development (SD) where we have scored 88% in HSE & 98% in SD. Ghouri provides security support to our clients with confidentiality and absolute discretion. We ensure that our services are provided with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Ghouri is committed to the respect of the law and human rights. We fully support the regulations of the International Security industry and are committed to the “Duty of Care” to all our clients and employees. We provide high standard of uniformed guards and supervisors and Close Protection Teams. We pay our staff good salaries and allied benefits which ensure  that we get the best people available in the market.
In 2020, as the United States withdrew its forces from Afghanistan, Ghouri Security stepped up to provide crucial support to Afghan families facing uncertainty and upheaval. During this critical phase, we facilitated the safe evacuation of over 100 families from Afghanistan to Pakistan via the ground route, through the Torkham border to Islamabad.
Ghouri security also provide Security Services to its clients in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.


Name Designation
Qaisar Nawaz Gandapur Chief Executive
Rabia Gandapur Chief Operating
Nabeel Abbas Executive Director
Rehmat Ali Khan General Manager – North
Muneeb Ur Rehman HR Manager
Ashher Aftab Projects Manager