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Why Us

Experienced Management

As Managers form the core of our service, we take great care to select the best in the industry. Ghouri Security has a team of dedicated professional managers who have proven experience in the security industry. 

Our Managers are dedicated to the continuous improvement of service delivery. The ability of our managers to do their jobs efficiently and professionally reflects on the quality of the service we provide to our clients.
Competitive Rates
With the changing trends in the global economy, it has become necessary for companies to cut their costs in order to survive the decline in economic growth. We at Ghouri Security aim to work with companies towards helping them cut those excessive costs of security cover, while being able to provide them a professional service second to none. Employing economies of scale, we keep our cost of service at a lower level compared to other security companies to attract a larger share of market towards us, thus making reasonable profits while being able to provide an excellent quality professional service.
Companies often tend to get inflexible when they grow and expect others to work around them. We pride ourselves in being highly flexible as we aim to provide our clients with what they actually require and expect. It is of great importance to us that we provide a service, which is correctly tailored to our clients’ requirements. 

Service Level Agreements

Total customer satisfaction is the focal point of our success. Before the commencement of the contract we provide service level agreements and key performance indicators to our clients so they can check our performance against them.
Our performance analysis team sets itself higher standards then those provided to our clients to match against, so it can take necessary corrective steps to maintain the excellent quality of service we have promised.

Customer Liaison

Ghouri Security provides a supervisor to every site contracted by us. His job is to liaise with clients on a regular basis ensuring that operations run smoothly and any issues that arise are quickly dealt with. Our success in retaining our clients is achieved by creating and maintaining close contact with them thus forming strong working relationships.


In manned security, standards are hard to set if the correct type of training is not provided to personnel on security duties. We ensure that all our security personnel are trained at International levels. All personnel receive induction and onsite training before they go to work. We also train our personnel in first aid and fire fighting.


We ensure that our uniformed personnel are turned out smartly and take pride in their uniform ensuring that the client gets a highly visible security presence, which acts as a deterrent against security threats. Alternatively, we also provide CPOs and guards in plain clothes to provide discreet security to our clients.

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