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Security Consultancy

Ghouri Security is an independent consultancy. We give unbiased, objective and impartial advice after reviewing your needs. We make recommendations that are right for your business - and your budget.

Our security management professionals have corporate experience and meet the highest standards of confidentiality and discretion. No matter how stringent or demanding your business security requirements, we can recommend solutions that address them to your complete satisfaction.
Security Audit & Assessment
Ghouri Security undertakes security audits and assessments of your physical locations and travel procedures and identifies areas of weakness. We will make recommendations to bring your security processes and procedures in line with best practice to ensure that your business is able to operate in a safe and secure environment. 
Manned Guards

We have over 10 years of experience in providing uniformed security guards to corporate offices, field locations and personal residences across the country.

Our highly trained guards are a source of security and peace of mind for our clients.

Guards are provided on the basis of an initial assessment of the clients premises undertaken by our managers who advise the client on their security requirements. 

Close Protection Services

We believe our clients safety, security and well being is of paramount importance. In addition to ensuring that our clients are safe and secure, the peace of mind and comfort of busy individuals is considered and enhanced.

Ghouri Security provides individual Close Protection Officers, and where required, a close protection team/ escort team which moves with the client at all times to provide intimate security protection. We provide discreet protection to corporate clients, media personnel, private individuals and their families.

All personnel that we deploy follow a strict protocol at all times, and always maintain a high level of discipline, dress code and bearing. Among their many attributes are: Diligence, Discretion, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Honesty and Timekeeping. 

Drivers Training
We conduct evasive and defensive drivers training in coordination with the Islamabad Police. Additionally, armored vehicles training can also be conducted on request.
Kidnap and Ransom (K&R)
We provide K&R training for all stages in K&R situations. Firstly, we provide prevention and contingency plans for K&R, this includes training your staff to minimize the chances of being a kidnap target. Further, we also advice your staff on the behavioral pattern during a kidnap, and finally, post-kidnap stress management training is also provided by our expert trainers to help your staff in recovering from the trauma of a kidnapping.


Counter Surveillance
Counter surveillance involves the use of an individual or a surveillance team to determine whether or not you are under surveillance yourself. Our specialist operators are experienced in this field with a proven track record of conducting sensitive counter surveillance tasks for official agencies as well as corporate clients.
Basic Firefighting and First aid Training
Ghouri Security also provides basic firefighting and first aid training to your staff at all levels.This is normally a one-day course conducted at your premises, any where in Pakistan.
Emergency Response

While the basis of good security is planning and prevention, there is also a time to act and, when you need security emergency response, it must be there without fail.

Ghouri Security takes pride in being there within 15 minutes (depending on location) when you need us for emergency response security, and that’s why we have built a team of security professionals to attend to your needs at every level, from our senior management to our field services to ensure that we are qualified and prepared for client emergencies.
Electronic Security Solutions

Whatever your space, home or office, it is your sanctuary. This is the place that you go to seek an environment that is safe and conducive to work or rest. However, people now realize that without adequate protection, their home or place of work has become a potential risk to themselves, their families and employees.

Ghouri Security always puts a great deal of emphasis on the protection of its valued clients as well as their possessions. Keeping this in mind, we offer a complete range of electronic security solutions for the surveillance of your homes and offices as the first line of defense against intruders.

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